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Old Honda City - Value for Money

I am crazy about cars, I was always a fan of old honda city ever since it was launched. Finally I owned it, got it in 2004, 40K done and I am so satissfied with the ride, handling and comfort I enjoy driving this car. My hometown is in Jammu and twice I have been there in my old honda city. First time I drove it on my own upto Jammu and was so glad with the comfort and fun I had all the way to my hometown. Second time, I hired a driver who drove me to Jammu and then I got the feeling of comfort and luxury that old honda city can provide on back seat.

Six months back I went to a marriage, a friend of mine has recently purchased a brand new zen, he asked me for a test drive to know why I didnt purchased a new car, reluctantly I gave him keys, we went for a drive of 2 Kms and when he handed me back the keys, he said "Get me one like this, or give your city to me and take away my new zen and tell me how much more you want". What a compliment man !! But, the compliments keep pouring in because I love my car and take care of it like a baby.

If you love honda cars and dont have budget to buy new honda city, go for a honda city from 2002-2004, this is really a value for money, make sure to evaluate it technically before buying it. Take a help of mechanic unless you know everything about under the hood. Here is a quick checklist

a) Number of previous owners.
b) Accident History - Misalignment of car frame, for this check the four wheel alignment of car or get it done from some showroom before buying it.
c) Check Service Records, most important, a person who maintains his car will surely maintain service record, also car that has been regularly serviced at showroom will always be in good condition.
d) Check the condition of tyres.
e) Check number of kilometers done, this will help to judge daily usage of car.
f) Try to talk to owner regarding the route on which he daily use the car, you can guess the wear and tear according to traffic condition on the road.
g) Try to see 4-5 options and analyse the above all parameters to go for best buy.
h) Finally, if everything seems ok, bargain but dont cancel the deal for few thousands, as there are few well maintained running on road.

There are some good dealers in NCR who will provide you warranty as well and free services for the first year, so what else you want, you will get luxury, comfort, warrantly, free services of a Honda at the cost of a new small car.


  1. Man your car deserves compliments, keep it up, if you are true car lover, you will certainly maintain it.

  2. i will looking for old honda city plz tell me some more things about this car

  3. Sorry for the late reply and thanks for going through my blog. This car is fantastic as per my experience is last couple of years, low maintenance and good mileage, the cost of ownership is almost as low as small car, because the quality is so good that unlike small cars spares are not required to be replaced frequently. Please let me know if you need more specific information.


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