Monday, November 10, 2008

Words for Sounds and Expressions - Hindi Comics

I build up this knowledge during my childhood and I found it very funny and hilarious when I visualize and use them today. Here are a few examples:

Chapaak - Sound of falling into water
Dhadaak - Sound of being hit by a wooden material, chair etc which broke after you are hit.
Dharram - Person falling into some wooden or steel material.
Dhaaen - Sound of firing of Gun.
Bu. Hu. hu.. hu... - Weeping
Subak.. Subak - Sobbing
Sarraaat - Motar bike moving.
Gulup.. Gulup.. - Drowing in water
Dhamaka - Blast, they will just make some clouds and right "Dhamaka" in middle.
Sudok.. Sudok.. - Having some liquid with a straw

And finally a big fight between two people:
Make clouds and write on all directions following words - Mukka, Laat, Thappad, Ghussa.
And if the person is being severly beaten write in middle "Dhunae par Dhunae".

Hope this is going to remind you of childhood. If I have missed some of them, please let me know.

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