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Listen Hindi Internet Radio Channels on PS3

PS3 is the best gadget i have ever used and its true "It only do everything".

Having used it to play games, watch netflix, youtube and see my collection of pictures and listen to songs. I was searching for a way to play radio on PS3 and specifically "Hindi Internet Radio Channels"

After spending couple of days, finally I have it working in few easy steps:

1. Download PS3 Media server on you laptop or PC:

2. Open WEB.conf file of PS3 and add following lines:

audiostream.Web,Radio=Desi Radio -,
audiostream.Web,Radio=Desi-Radio -,

3. Restart PS3 Media Server

4. In your PS3, you should see PS3 Media server, open following path:

Web -> Radio

You should see "Desi Radio" in list.

5. Click on Desi Radio and you have live hindi songs streaming on your Ps3.

I am searching more hindi internet radio channels, will update this blog when i find more channels.

Enjoy !!

More channels:

audiostream.Web,Radio,India=Dhak Dhak Radio -,
audiostream.Web,Radio,India=Filmy Radio -,
audiostream.Web,Radio,India=Hamara Sangeet -,
audiostream.Web,Radio,India=Humsafar Montreal -,


  1. Was just looking for this .. great post ..thx
    Do post more channels

  2. Good to hear that, i have posted some more channels.

  3. Hello,
    I tried setting up the above desi radio audio stream. However, in my ps3 I am unable to find Web-> Radio. I am a first time user of ps3 media server so maybe I am missing something basic. Please help.

  4. Hello Heman !!

    Sorry for the late reply. You will find this folder here on your PS3 on your TV.

    Music -> Ps3 Media Servr -> Web -> Radio

    On you laptop/pc check that Ps3mediaserver is up and running. On status tab you should also see Ps3 with a message "PS3 has been found"

    Hopefully you should be able to see Web -> Radio, let me know if it is still not working for you.

    Have fun !!

  5. just like herman the "web" option is erased for some raeason... only find it in earlier versions of PMS...anyone help?


  6. Hi,

    Sorry for the late reply. One thing have you made entries in file web.conf located at

    C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\PMS

    Hope this works for you.

    Cheers !!

  7. GREAT stuff !! I can hear the radio channels and even see pictures from streams linked to Picassa. Thanks!

    However, am trying to still make video work:
    1) TED video stream (videofeed.Web,TED= in WEB.con file does not seem to work. It shows the different video choices on TED and once a video is chosen, even starts and reaches the TED name screen. But it seems to get stuck at that point. Any way to fix this?

    2) SEPARATELY, I am wondering if there is any way to watch streaming videos using the PS3. I am in India, so Netflix does not work. YouTube works. But I want to watch streaming movies online....



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