Friday, June 17, 2011

Watch Youtube HD on PS3

Last few weeks i spent a lot of time searching on internet to watch Youtube HD videos on PS3, there were a few solutions available, but the following worked for me and is the simplest.

1. Open browser on ps3
2. Goto
3. There is a search box on top, enter your keywords (you may add word HD in your search criteria)
4. From the search list click on a video and play it, thats it !!

I know there are some other instructions on website in green colored text but playing the video on same site worked for me.

I hope this helps, searching through internet i found lot of people feeling this pain of unable to watch youtube HD videos and low quality that is provided by Youtube XL.

Good luck !

Thursday, June 16, 2011

View Drools Generated Code

When we execute rules, behind the scene java code is generated which is actually getting executed, to see this java code you need to set configuration path where you want java code generated by drools to be stored.

PackageBuilderConfiguration configuration = new PackageBuilderConfiguration();
configuration.setDumpDir(new File("XYZ"));

final KnowledgeBuilder kbuilder = KnowledgeBuilderFactory

Set XYZ as a directory path where you would like drools to store generated code. e.g. XYZ = "c:/drools/codegen"

When you run your program the java classes generated for the .drl files are stored at the path XYZ.

This generated code is really helpful to understand the behavior in lot of situations.

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Listen Hindi Internet Radio Channels on PS3

PS3 is the best gadget i have ever used and its true "It only do everything".

Having used it to play games, watch netflix, youtube and see my collection of pictures and listen to songs. I was searching for a way to play radio on PS3 and specifically "Hindi Internet Radio Channels"

After spending couple of days, finally I have it working in few easy steps:

1. Download PS3 Media server on you laptop or PC:

2. Open WEB.conf file of PS3 and add following lines:

audiostream.Web,Radio=Desi Radio -,
audiostream.Web,Radio=Desi-Radio -,

3. Restart PS3 Media Server

4. In your PS3, you should see PS3 Media server, open following path:

Web -> Radio

You should see "Desi Radio" in list.

5. Click on Desi Radio and you have live hindi songs streaming on your Ps3.

I am searching more hindi internet radio channels, will update this blog when i find more channels.

Enjoy !!

More channels:

audiostream.Web,Radio,India=Dhak Dhak Radio -,
audiostream.Web,Radio,India=Filmy Radio -,
audiostream.Web,Radio,India=Hamara Sangeet -,
audiostream.Web,Radio,India=Humsafar Montreal -,

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