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Apache Roller Getting Started

If you are thinking to setup a blog website then apache roller is the quickest and simplest thing to do so, below are steps for getting started, though these instructions are present in documentation provided by apache, but hopefully following steps will make it very easy for you.

Here you Go !!

1. Download apache roller

2. Install Tomcat

3. Download mysql

4. Unzip apache roller zip file and copy roller-5.0.1-tomcat.war from
\\roller-weblogger-5.0.1-tomcat\webapp to tomcat webapps folder

5. Create mysql database, dont worry about schema, that will be automatically created later.

mysql -u root -p password: *****

mysql> create database rollerdb; mysql> grant all on rollerdb.* to scott@'%' identified by 'tiger';
mysql> grant all on rollerdb.* to scott@localhost identified by 'tiger';

Otherwise you will …